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The kindest, strongest, most courageous of them all; she always had an extremely positive outlook on life and fought til the bitter end.
Described by many as a 'real life angel', Bernie will be forever remembered as the kindest, most patient soul who devoted her life to her family. A loving wife, a dedicated mother, affectionate nanna and a loyal friend to many.

Never once did she complain about anything, including throughout her devastating battle with pancreatic cancer (much of which she had to deal with on her own in isolation due to the covid restrictions in hospital).

Bernie had a real zest for life and, although she wasn't the loudest person in the room, her warm, kind heart guaranteed she would stand out in a crowd. May she always be remembered as being the fun loving, chatterbox shopaholic that she has always been and my word, not even a cancer diagnosis could come in between her and Emmerdale!

Her optimism and strength was paramount; this will be her ultimate legacy and will live on in her children and grandchildren

After being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, she underwent the mammoth Whipple Procedure followed by 6 gruelling months of chemotherapy. Again, never once did she complain or let her constant nausea and abdominal pain stop her living her best life. Unfortunately, 4 months later, the hope of mum being one of the 8% of pancreatic patients that survive beyond 5 years was ripped away from us when mum was readmitted to hospital with recurrence causing a gastric blockage. Devastatingly, 7 weeks later in hospital mum passed away at the mere age of 59.

From the onset we knew as a family that the outlook wasn't great for mum; less than 20% of pancreatic cancer patients survive for 1 year after diagnosis and only 5% surviving beyond 5 years. We know mum was one of the lucky ones who was eligible for the Whipple Surgery and we will be forever grateful for the extra year this gifted us with her. It is just heartbreaking that still so little is known about this disease and still to this day is a very difficult cancer to diagnose (hence why the survival rate is so low). It is imperative to our family that more research is done regarding early diagnosis and treatment for this vile disease that has taken the most beautiful human away from us.

We have created this page for future fund raising we, as a family will be doing to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

Mum/Bernie, you fought for us til the bitter end so we will fight for you to raise as much awareness as we can.

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  • £20.00 Cat Iwaneczko

    What a challenge! Good luck!!

  • Genette and Paul

    The world is less bright without Bernie in it x

  • Greaves

  • £20.00 Debbie & Nick

    Flowers for you, a donation in the hope others don’t have the heartache we have. Sleep well and fly high my beautiful special friend xx

  • £10.00 Lucy

    Thinking of you and your family Mick x

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