How you choose to use this page in memory of your loved one is a very personal decision that your family and friends will want to discuss together. However, if you need some help getting started, we have some tips you may find useful.

Whatever you're able to give, your donations will help transform the future for everyone affected by pancreatic cancer.


Share your tribute page

Letting family, friends and loved ones know that they can use your tribute page to donate in memory is the easiest way to start fundraising. Use the Facebook and Twitter links on your page, or email the link.


Funeral donations

When you share information about funeral arrangements you can also share the link to your tribute page. Family, friends and loved ones can use your page to make an online donation in memory instead of buying flowers.


Special occasions and anniversaries

Once created, your tribute will stay open as long as you want. Family and friends will be able to remember your loved one by making gifts on special occasions. Many supporters choose to give on a birthday or anniversary.

Add offline donations

If you have fundraised for us via another online platform or have sent in donations directly, include these amounts as offline donations so that you can see your in memory donations and fundraising in one place and the total impact of your support.