Be inspired

Losing a loved one is tough but memories can bring some comfort at difficult times.

Here, we're sharing some of the beautiful ways in which supporters have chosen to remember their loved one.


Make a scrapbook of memories

You could include photos, memorabilia from your life together, or ask people who were close to your loved one to write a short note about their memories. You could take photos or videos of some of these items and add to your tribute page.


Write a letter or a poem to your loved one

Writing can help you to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions. You don’t have to be a great writer and you could share it on your tribute page.


Hold an event in their memory

This could be a one-off event or a yearly occurrence. You could fundraise or use it as a time when your loved ones come together, talk about their memories and support each other.


Make a memory jar

Every time you think of a memory about your loved one write it on a bit of paper and put it in a jar. You could ask people that visit you to add memories they have. Then whenever you need to, you can pick out a lovely memory from the jar. You could share the memories on your tribute page for your family and friends to read and enjoy.


Start a new tradition

This could be on their birthday or Christmas, as these can be really difficult times. You could add a new photo or make a donation to your tribute page, cook their favourite meal, light a candle, or visit a place where you feel close to them.