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Vincent was a kind, caring and extremely loving husband, father, grandfather, father-in-law and friend to many. We miss him so much.
Vincent was a kind, lovely man with a great sense of humour. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, father-in law and friend.

Vincent and his wife Joan spent 50 happy years together. They had three children, Paul, Philip and Caroline who he loved very much, we just hope he knew how much they all loved him back.

He loved looking after his two grandchildren, Ollie and Louie, helping to look after them when they were babies, picking them up from school or taking them out and about. After Vincent retired they gave him a new lease of life and we're just sad Vincent won't be around to see them grow up more. In fact, when Ollie was little he loved his grandad looking after him so much that he would start screaming when Vincent had to put his coat on to go home!

Vincent loved games and quizzes, he used to go to regular pub quizzes with his friends and family and was always doing puzzles. Horse racing was his speciality at the pub quiz which was lucky as no-one else liked it or knew anything about it! Despite saying the quiz was only a bit of fun we knew he was secretly really competitive. He was good at the music round too, if it was music from before 1980!

Fish and chips were his favourite food and he loved to go out for meals. "You and grandma are always going out for lunch" Louie said once, and he was right. We tried to get Vincent to have a curry but we never did manage that! Vincent certainly enjoyed the meals, more often than not he would say that the pie, chips, or chicken he'd just had was the best he'd ever tasted.

Vincent battled pancreatic cancer for over 18 months. We would like to raise awareness of this disease and help to find treatments for it because it is a lesser known but extremely aggressive cancer. Even though it's the fifth most common cause of death from cancer it's not very well known or researched and it doesn't attract a lot of research funding. There are few treatments for pancreatic cancer or ways of testing for it, often when someone is diagnosed with this cancer it's too late to treat it and the survival rate is very low. We saw the effect this cancer had on Vincent so anything we can all do to help others with this disease can only be a good thing.

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  • £50.00 Staff at Walkergate

    In memory of Caroline’s lovely dad ❤️

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    In Memory

  • £10.00 Lucy

    So sorry to hear about Vince. Sending lots of love xxx

  • £20.00 Pamela & Ryan

    Uncle Vin.... warm, kind, gentle giant who never ever failed to make us laugh. Such a genuinely amazing man who will be missed dearly. X

  • £30.00 Ian and Eileen Davy

    will be a miss..RIP