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The most wonderful man. Loyal, loving, strong, caring, kind, generous, thoughtful, passionate, determined, hard working. Desperately missed.
Vernon was the most amazing man, always kind, helping others whenever he could. He was full of life, with so much left to do.

He gave so much of himself to friends, work, interests, but above and beyond all else he loved and put his family first. We have been truly blessed to have him as part of our lives.

Vernon’s illness began with odd ‘niggles’ and pains in his stomach that seemed to move around. Diverticulitis or gall stones seemed to be potential causes but just to be safe he had a scan on 1st October.

On 17th October we were told that Vernon had Metastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma, the prognosis was 3-6 months, but if we were lucky, we might be able to buy some extra time by having chemo.

For the next 6 weeks, Vernon was never out of pain, every time a new drug was added to help, the pain leapfrogged ahead. Vernon had his ‘line’ put in for the chemo on 24th November but was admitted to hospital on 25th with an infection and other complications.

A scan carried out on 26th showed that the cancer was now everywhere and our time left together was severely limited. Plans were made to come home and spend our last precious days peacefully together as a family. Sadly this wasn’t to be and Vernon passed away in my arms on Monday 28th November.

Please, please help by donating so that research into early diagnosis of this devastating, cruel and hideously painful cancer can become a reality.

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  • £204.00 Sue, Amy & Ryan

    As heartbroken now as a year ago. Still waiting for you to come home. We love and miss you more than any words can say & will do forever xxx

  • £50.00 M&M

    Remembering with love x

  • £100.00 Sue

    Today - the day our journey into hell began. I hope & pray the donations help to stop others suffering as you and we all have. I love youxxx

  • £150.00 CanineKinetics

    We held a little dog agility show and raised a bit of money to help PCUK - lots of yapping dogs - Vern would have loved it ;) x

  • £50.00 Ryan & chan

    Miss u dad wish you where here on this holiday u would of loved it xx