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My mum was very caring, kind, thoughtful, fun, adventurous, a true diamond who is greatly missed.
On august the 8th 2021, my mum received the devastating news that she had metastatic pancreatic cancer, She was a very fit and healthy 59 year old with no symptoms. After being diagnosed, a biopsy was taken of the liver to see if it had spread there, the results came back and it had. My mums health was deteriorating rapidly and by September the 8th hospice care was introduced. The decline in health was extremely upsetting to watch, I felt helpless, all I wanted to do was take the pain away. My mum was in and out of hospital throughout September, she began palliative chemotherapy on September the 21st. My mum had a lot of fluid on her stomach which would build up very quickly even after it being drained, she was in a lot of discomfort which was heart-breaking to see. On October the 15th, a hospital bed was bought to mums house, she tried to remain so strong. On the 18th of October, mum had a blood transfusion due to being very weak. Following the transfusion, mums circulation did not improve, she had what looked like bruising on the end of her nose and fingertips, sadly this was her body beginning to shut down. On Wednesday the 20th of October, mum was given morphine to help ease her pain, she was also given a sedative called midazolam to help with her anxiety over the situation. It was extremely upsetting to see her go through this. My wonderful mum who taught me everything I know was slipping away before my eyes.

On Saturday the 23rd of October at 7am, my mum passed away after a 11 week battle with pancreatic cancer.

Its very hard living without my mum, she was the most incredible mum and nanny to my 2 girls. I have so much to thank my mum for, she was truly the best. I miss her every single day.

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