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Thea was the kindest, most selfless person I have ever known & such fun to be with. Her initials ‘TLC’ could not have been more fitting.
In January 2022 Thea developed jaundice and was told her liver was breaking down and she only had about six weeks to live. This was totally unexpected and we went into complete shock. Thankfully this was not the case but the eventual diagnosis of pancreatic cancer was just as devastating.

Sadly the jaundice meant a delay of almost four months before Thea could start chemo, a delay she could ill afford.

Also in the run up to starting her treatment Thea had to have two stents fitted, one in the pancreatic duct to drain the bile and aid the jaundice recovery, but also one in her duodenum which severely affected what she could eat and was a constant source of worry in case it became blocked.

After Thea's first six chemo sessions the consultant told us that although one area of the tumour had reduced, another area had grown and recommended a further six sessions starting straight away.

Despite everything Thea remained remarkably upbeat through her chemo sessions but the news of having to do more and straight away came as a bitter blow.

Chemo is brutal as anyone who has had it or knows someone who has had it, will know. Thea suffered from the usual nausea but also the neuralgia in her fingers and toes which she found very distressing. Incredibly through all of her treatment Thea never lost her hair!

In October during a meeting with the consultant Thea decided that she could no longer continue with the chemo as it was leaving her with no life between sessions and she would rather try and enjoy whatever time she had left.

In January 2023 with the pain increasing Thea agreed to go into Rowan's Hospice for some pain management in an attempt to balance her medication. Sadly while there her condition worsened and she was transferred to QA Hospital Portsmouth on January 24th. She was expected to be in for a day or two and then return to Rowans.

Sadly the next day Thea’s condition worsened and on the evening of the 25th she sadly slipped peacefully away.

Thea was the kindest, most selfless person I have ever known and her initials ‘TLC’ could not have been more appropriate. I just miss her so much.

This is a most dreadful disease and a breakthrough in its treatment is desperately needed. I know it’s sadly too late for Thea and for me, but if research can identify a way forward to tackling it then it may mean others in the future will be given the hope of effective treatment.

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  • £20.00 Kirsty

    In memory of our fabulous and funny friend! We’re glad your suffering is ended but your loss is deeply felt. Love from Kirsty & Honor xx

  • Rach

    Much loved friend taken far too soon. Forever in our hearts xx

  • Janet

    My dearest friend, I will always treasure the times we shared together, always laughing, always there. I will NEVER forget you xxx

  • Karen

    Dearest Thea I shall miss you so much. Your beautiful smile, your laughter. Our times together were so much fun. A treasured friend always X

  • Debbie

    My oldest and most constant friend. You were an utter joy to know and I’m so happy we shared sim wonderful memories. Xx