The Late Diane Miller - Taken From Us Far Too Early

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A wonderful, loving, caring and supportive wife who was my soulmate for 41 years.

You may not be aware that annually, November is Pancreatic Cancer (PC) Awareness Month

Well, this year I became fully aware

Of just how sickening, devastating and utterly life transforming this disease becomes, once

It’s progress through the body is laid bare

World Pancreatic Cancer Day, this year 2020, is on 19th November

Much of my world was taken away from me

When PC so cruelly claimed the life of my wife on 8th November

It was a great shock to my friends and family

It took just four weeks from the initial diagnosis to her passing on

This time passed by all too quickly for her

This can and does likewise happen, sadly, all too easily to anyone

Like me who’s now bereft and left a widower

Please could you make a donation, of whatever amount, to Pancreatic Cancer UK

In my late wife, Diane’s merit and memory

So that we can hopefully help ensure that others do not have to suffer in this way

And being “Un-PC, soon becomes history

Stephen Miller

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  • £20.00 Stephen Miller

    It is two years since you passed on and not a day goes by when I don't think of you and wish that you were still here with me.

  • £25.00 Stephen Miller

    I can't believe that it's a year since you passed on Diane. You're sadly missed and I will never forget you or what you brought to my life

  • £15.00 Alissa, Richard and Jacob

    A belated donation for Dan's birthday x

  • £50.00 Sara and Dan Miller

  • £50.00 Shenkers

    What a great cause and a wonderful thing to do for your anniversary. We certainly miss your lovely Diane. Xxxx