Sukey Gidda

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A tremendously special woman, full of bravery and courage. Truly one of a kind and loved by all who were lucky enough to know her.
Wife, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, sister, aunt - she was everything to all of us. For those lucky enough to meet her and know her, they will know what an absolute force of nature she was.

Incredible sportswoman, genius in the kitchen - always the first on hand to help. There isn't anyone who has forgotten her warmth, personality and spirit.

Sukey really was like no other - full of joy and able to bring a smile and a laugh to all when needed most.

Her diagnosis like so many came late - and her symptoms were not flagged quickly enough for us to react in time.

Our hope as a family is to channel my mothers unwavering bravery, courage and spirit into making sure more is done to fight this awful cancer.

With this legacy fund - we hope much more will be done to target earlier detection, provide more information to patients on surgery and treatment and raise much more awareness. The current trial on the Grail - Galleri test is of particular importance to us. We believe that early detection testing is the most important way to increase success for potential treatment. This, combined with multi modal treatment plans, patient support and progressive oncologists can help change the lives of many for the better.

Whatever happens - we must never give up.

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