Steve Pendlebury

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Witty, clever, spiritual, a friend to all, a lover of life, a big personality
A life full of gusto, a life cut too short,

a life full of memories and things to report

Ste did anything for anyone, his actions were kind,

a generous hand and an active mind

You meant so much to all of us, You were special that’s no lie,

you brightened up the darkest day, and the cloudiest sky

Almost a footballer, after Burnley and Bolton trials as a lad

but his temper got the better of him and he ended up at the gas board instead

Brother Mark and partner Pauline, devastated that you’re gone

this cruel disease took you so quickly, and they’re struggling to move on

Steve worked at United Utilities and Emcor for 24 years or more,

where he gained a team of friends for life, who loved him dearly that I’m sure

Whether it be a moan, a cry, or a random rant but Steve had no qualms

he would listen, and be patient, and always know what to say

and inevitably he would never fail to brighten up your day

He’d never ever forget your name, God knows how he did,

he’d know the name of your partner, your mum, your dog, your brother, your kid

Oh how they will miss that smile as they enter the building each day

You touched so many of our lives, ‘Mountain boy’ in every single way

Now as all of you know, Ste was a bitter blue

something he shared with his brother Mark, who is equally bitter too

A passion for the might Everton they dearly dearly shared

at the match in the Gladys St. end, their chants would always be heard

And of course how Ste adored his black & white rugby league too

his beloved Widnes Vikings, he’d watch weekly through and through

The other passion of Steve’s was undoubtedly his horse ‘Foxy Boy’

he’d watch lovingly, race around the course

most of you know Ste loved a bet, he’d put a fiver or more each way

then collect his winnings, buy a round for his mates, and often for that he’d pay

He went on his holiday, sometimes four or five times a year

often to Greece with Pauline who he loved so dear

He’d talk to anyone on holiday, shout ’Yammas’ to those near or afar

swapping numbers and planning future met ups at the hotel bar

Ste loved to get on that plane and soak up all the sun

he’d come back rested and tanned after having loads of fun/all the sunbathing that he’d done

Steve, an army of grieving family and friends is what you’ve left behind

Who can’t imagine a life without you by their side

We promise to keep your memory living on, and never forget that smile

And keep moving on despite the pain knowing we won’t hear ’whey hey’ for a while

But we know you’re up there happy and in peace, reunited with your mam & dad

Content that whilst you were here with us, you lived the best life

and for that we’ll always be glad

Farewell ‘my friend’ sending you oodles of love, spread those wings, fly up high and high

Until we met again, someday, up there in the bright blue sky

Latest donations

  • £20.00 Sue Alltree

    It was difficult to be unhappy going to work when greeted by Steve everyday. An incredible man, he could make everyone of us feel special

  • £245.00 Family, friends and neighbours

  • £40.00 Kim & Fran Ashton

    In memory of a friend who told the silliest jokes, who was good hearted and lived his life to the full - we'll raise a glass on your big 60

  • £160.00 Friends from United Utilities

    Will always be missed