Peter Harrison

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"He is one of the rare ones, so effortlessly himself, and the world loves him for it"
Pete has always been such a kind, gentle and selfless soul, a true great with both tireless fun and generosity and would, undoubtedly, always light up the room. He brought out the best in those around him and days with Pete in them were simply better days. You know when you get in from a long day and offer up your help to anyone that wants or needs it, Pete was one of the few that truly meant it each and every time.

Without warning, Pete became jaundiced in July 2020 and a stent was fitted within days in alleviation of this. A variety of tests and probes were carried out during the fitting, in order to understand the causation of Pete's jaundice. Subsequent to this, in August 2020, Pete received the devastating diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Despite having cancer, Pete was in great physical health and was therefore eligible to and made the decision to commence the most aggressive chemotherapy available. Pete was bent on beating this cancer, he attacked it head on, because he had so much to fight for.

Despairingly, a follow-up CT scan in December 2020 revealed no improvement. This wonderful man stood strong until his passing in January 2021, just 6 months from his initial hospital visit. Pete's life was cut much too short by the deadliest common cancer.

A pancreatic cancer diagnosis often brings with it a bleak prognosis, exacerbated by little to no symptoms until the cancer is large and/or has spread. Close to half of people (44%) with pancreatic cancer are diagnosed via emergency presentation, where the one-year survival rate is just 11.9%.

Sadly, due to his own wishes, together with the pandemic many of Pete's good friends could not pay their respects at his funeral - but he knew that everyone was thinking of him. All of his friends have said how lucky they have been to have had his friendship in their lives, and we are thankful that our lives are better because of his presence in them.

If you would like to contribute to this legacy on Pete’s behalf, in the hope that even if just one person can be given a more promising outlook or best of all, spared having to go through what Pete has endured, thank you so much on behalf of Pete and us all.

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    Forever in our hearts. Miss You Xxx

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