Mark (Gigsy) Hick

Total raised

Offline: £7,584.00
Devoted husband

Adored father

Fun loving loyal friend

Daft as a brush

Loved by all who knew him

#bemoregigsy ❤️🖤
I love the way you sleep with your eyes half open

The scare on your eye Brow

Your boy racer nova days

The way you always fold her clothes up at bedtime even when you’ve had one too many

Your competitiveness and never give up attitude to life

Your lack of DIY skills but you always had a go

Your patience and calming presence

I love how clean and tidy you are

How you spend 2 days to clean the oven till it sparkles

Your obsession with finding Tupperware lids and organising the kitchen drawers

Your strange taste in music from kenny Rogers to pit bull

Your ability to find anything I loose

Your yummy Sunday dinners

Your work ethic, you work so hard to give your girls everything they need and want

The love of your girls ❤️

Your ability to scroll through thousands of films on Netflix but still would rather watch only fools and horses

Your dad dancing

How tight with your money but you would say careful x

You never have s bad word to say about anyone, kind, loyal family man.

I thought we would grow old together and travel around in a little motor home.

Life will never be the same you will never be forgotten the girls will always know you loved them first and will be by their side with them everyday x

Your strength and bravery even when your scared and in pain x

The love in your eyes when you look at your girls x

How your trumps are so noisey but never smell

Your peachy bum

Your knicker twitcher aftershave

I only wish you knew how much you were loved and adored. You’ve left a big hole in a lot of hearts.

Life will never be the same again, but we will learn to live with the pain adapt and continue to enjoy life like you did.

I am forever grateful to be your wife. No one will ever live up to you, you are irreplaceable x You really was the best husband. We were a team x Team Hick x

Know to so many by as many different names

Mark, husband, daddy, son, brother, uncle, god father, friend, Gigsy, gigs, Dave, hicky, plush, dempsey, gonzo, Edmund, Mark bum, marky Mark, Markus, freezer, Kenneth, Micky maguire to name just a few x

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    Raised another £6,000 in your memory babe x Still not forgotten and missed by everyone x

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    From John Williams and all the staff at Maritime Transport Ltd

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