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A brilliant person, she was funny, caring, strong and she was always right! She was a fantastic Friend,Wife and Mum. We are lost without her
Juliet (or "Harry" to some) was a was a wonderful mum who loved to be involved in our lives. She was always there for us, fighting our corner. We are a small family and she always said it was "the four of us against the world". Most of all she was a wonderful friend who lived for her friendships; she worried about her friends, and she treasured them all.

Mum was always active and loved walking, yoga and any form of fitness classes. She must have walked miles and miles on the Sandstone Trail in Cheshire, and the rural and coastal paths in Cornwall, Yorkshire, Wales and of course in Cheshire where she lived for most of her life. Mum was originally from Derbyshire and she said that Cheshire is beautiful, but awfully flat, and she missed her hills!

Mum trained as a Nurse and she was a very caring a compassionate person; she was always there to listen and give advice and she always knew what to do- a real fixer!

Mum was first ill with a DVT just before Christmas, which was totally unexpected in someone so fit and active. She had a number of tests to try and find out what was wrong. She was still coming to terms with being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and having been told just 2 weeks before, she had only just started to tell her friends and family; she was only just coming to terms with the diagnosis. She was only 57.

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