Jon Wright

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A loving, caring, thoughtful and generous hearted person ever cheerful but hard working and conscientious.
Jon was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in April 2020. He had been very active all his life and was only experiencing mild symptoms yet the cancer had already reached an advanced stage when detected. He underwent gruelling programs of chemotherapy but months later lost his battle with this terrible form of cancer having just passed the age of 50. It is essential that research finds a way of detecting pancreatic cancer early enough to give sufferers the chance to be effectively treated.

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  • Pam Wright

    Happy Anniversary Jon. Today would have been our 4th anniversary. I still miss you so much. Love you xx

  • £200.00 Ma and Pa

    We miss you every single day but more so at your birthday and Christmas. xxx

  • Pam Wright

    Happy birthday darling. I still miss you so much. Love you always xx

  • Pam Wright

    Happy anniversary darling. It doesn’t get any easier. Love you always xx

  • £100.00 Ma and Pa

    We miss you every day