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"Wow... just wow"
Jasmine was the fun loving matriarch of our group, the planner, the instigator, troublemaker and the glue that held us together for so many years. She loved singing and socialising and was always the life and soul of the party, often the first one there and the last one home. She was fiercely independent and once she got her driving licence there was no stopping her and her love of road trips was born. There was nowhere she would not drive including footpaths which led to one very interesting story. She was in her own words "only a half pint" however she was capable of knocking back the shots with the best of them and being short never stopped her from taking charge of all of us, when she raised her voice you listened or got out of her way as quickly as you could.

Her love for adventure got us into trouble many times but we were always together and no adventure was too big that is until December 2019 when Jasmine embarked on adventure that left us watching and praying on the sidelines. On the 20th December 2019 Jasmine was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that had spread throughout her body. We were devastated but like a true matriarch Jasmine rallied the troops, adamant that she would fight this; we visited her in the hospital on Christmas Eve and plans were made on how we would support her in her fight and how we would go on many new adventures to keep all of our spirits up. The treatment Jasmine received took a lot of her strength but she still managed to meet up with us and keep us on our toes. In March 2020 the pandemic hit and we were put into lockdown which put a lot of our plans on hold, and whilst we still managed to support her and meet up with her, Jasmine decided that she would stop treatment. With time running out and and lockdowns in place we were running out of time to create new adventures and memories. We did manage to get her to a beach front so she could have chips on the front but other plans were unable to happen. Jazz fought hard against the disease but unfortunately on 3rd August 2020, just over 8 months after the diagnosis, Jasmine left us to complete her final adventure.

Due to the pandemic we were unable to give Jazz the send off she deserved. With this in mind, we have set up this fundraising page in memory of our best friend and we have many ideas to raise money for this charity whilst allowing us to share Jasmine's story and keep her memory alive. While roadtrips will never be the same without our fearless leader we will continue to go on crazy adventures making memories and, although she can not be with us in person, she is with us in hearts and spirit. Please come back and check this page for our upcoming events to continue to raise much needed funds to fight this horrible disease.

Gone but never forgotten you will always be our brave little fox.

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