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Pancreatic Cancer is like an invisible time bomb, slowly growing inside of you with only vague symptoms, only showing its true colours when its already too late. Mum was first diagnosed in on the 11th February 2022, for 27 weeks and 6 days she fought to continue living. She was a fit and healthy 66 year old lady with no symptoms. Mums health was deteriorated rapidly after receiving her first round of Chemotherapy and by July 15th she came to live with us in Yorkshire so we could provide home hospice care. Mum was in and out of hospital throughout May, June and July, after suffering 2 separate bouts of Neutropenic Sepsis as well as a Liver abscess. She underwent 2 rounds of Chemotherapy, but the disease was too far advanced, and Mum sadly passed away on the 25th August at home in her sleep. Our family have chosen to support Pancreatic Cancer UK as her life was cruelly cut short by this horrible illness. We ask that donations be made in Mums Memory, to help support the advancement of clinical trials that may lead to an early warning screening programme. Currently there is no screening programme to detect this type of cancer before it become too advanced.

We hope family, friends and people who knew her will share their memories here and help raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer UK.

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    RIP Jan, you will be missed.

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    So many fond memories - RIP Jan xx

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