Ian Morris

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My twin brother, brother to Lisa , husband to Stephen, uncle to his nephews/ nieces. creative , determined , proud, funny , positive.
Ian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 9 th June 2022 and died 19th June, 10 days later. He had very few serious symptoms but it had already spread extensively and there was little that could be done. It was so quick. It strikes me that little has changed since my father died from pancreatic cancer 20 years earlier. Ian was not feeling particularly unwell until about 2 weeks before he died. My father died about three months after diagnosis he was 59 Ian was 54. I hope this tribute fund will allow an early diagnosis test to be found so that fewer people ever have to go through what my family and our loved ones have gone through. Pancreatic cancer has to be found early to have a chance of longer term survival.

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  • £20.00 Jane Donovan

    thinking of you john, such a horrible cancer x

  • £20.00 Lucy Allan

    I miss him and hope this helps others not have to miss those they should have more time with xx

  • £15.00 PJF

    Twins feel it more.

  • £200.00 Max

    To the memory if a very dear (and very silly!) friend

  • Philip Dawson

    Let’s hope more research is done….