Gary MacDougall

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Fun, positivity, strength, enthusiasm, compassion. Gary was all of these.

Such a BIG personality!

To know him was to love him.
Gary's wish was for donations to be made to pancreatic cancer research. All the funds raised here will go straight towards research where the clear mission is to defeat pancreatic cancer by funding and promoting innovative, world-class research into the disease – research that will lead to the development of more effective detection, diagnosis and treatment.

Gary wants to be remembered in a way that helps others throughout the community and he will forever be a memorable character! With the support of Anna, he was involved in fitness/prehab trials with Napier University during his early treatment and is famous for bringing his own spin bike onto the ward whilst receiving chemotherapy. How typical of him to think differently, to consider an alternative approach and to do things his own way. An inspiration to us all!

Gary was a wonderfully kind and compassionate man, a man with a big personality who made an impact on everyone he met and continually fought and advocated for others. Alongside his mischievous sense of humour, he was the embodiment of the 'be kind' message, always checking in on others, spreading happiness and helping people be the best they can be.

Above all else, Gary cared for his friends and family. His own words summarise the value of this perfectly.

"It turns out that money or possession or buying new stuff only makes you happy for a short period of time but friends and family and living for today matters more than anything"

Gary MacDougall. Our truly wonderful friend.

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    There is a bright new star in heaven.

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    Raising a glass to you buddy. Gone but not forgotten.

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    Miss you Gary, a wonderful person.