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A devoted & loving husband, father, brother and loyal friend. Easy going, gentle, kind, family oriented and homely. Very much loved by all.
This tribute page is in memory of my darling husband Dave and the many people past, present and future who are diagnosed with this horrendous disease.

Dave was diagnosed with Inoperable Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer in May 2020. He fought long and hard throughout treatment, remaining positive and strong until he passed away in October 2021.

Pancreatic Cancer is fairly rare (approximately 10,000 cases/yr), but it's difficult to diagnose due to its very vague symptoms. Whilst many Cancers are now treatable, the only 'potential cure' for PC, is a complex and life changing Whipple procedure, however only 10-20% of cases are operable at Diagnosis. Pancreatic Cancer carries a dismal prognosis with only 25% surviving 1 Year, 7% surviving more than 5 Years - there has not been much improvement in over 40 yrs.

Pancreatic Cancer UK (PCUK) work tirelessly to support patients and their families, raise awareness, campaign for change and raise funds for vital Research to improve survival of patients. The support we received from the PCUK Specialist Nurses was invaluable.

PCUK Specialist Nurses provide specialist advice, guidance & support on many issues faced by PC Patients and their families. They run regular Webinars to help patients with managing symptoms, treatment and nutrition. Many patients do not get the opportunity to access specialist PC advice through the Local NHS Oncology Services.

As a leading voice of the pancreatic cancer community, PCUK work with governments, clinicians, researchers and those affected by the disease across the UK to find ways to improve and speed up diagnosis and develop faster and better treatment for pancreatic cancer.

PCUK are also working to drive progress through their Research Innovation Fund. https://www.pancreaticcancer.org.uk/research-projects/research-innovation/

In 2021 PCUK had supported the following Research Projects:

- Dissecting the biology underpinning pancreatic cancer-associated diabetes. In 2021, PCUK awarded the team £100,000.

- Investigation of the stromal radiation response within the pancreatic cancer microenvironment. PCUK Funding: £85,687.40

- Investigating whether blocking the breakdown of genetic material prevents the progression of pancreatic cancer. PCUK Funding: £73,311.45

- Using machine learning to develop a risk tool to predict pancreatic cancer in diabetes patients. PCUK Funding: £99,940.36

- Bioengineering-based targeting of immune cells in pancreatic cancer. PCUK Funding: £99,182

- Assessing the impact on carers of patients with pancreatic cancer. PCUK Funding: £97,030

- The development of a metabolomic test to diagnose and quantify pancreatic exocrine insufficiency. PCUK Funding: £71,768

I ask that everyone makes themselves aware of symptoms and consider making a donation to help PCUK fund vital research and continue to provide much needed patient services.

Many Thanks,

Jen, Becky & Sally Royle.

Debra Dunning and John Redmond

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