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Dave is one of life's beautiful people a loving husband, amazing dad. He was so kind, caring, always smiling and would remember you always.
My beautiful husband and wonderful Dad to our daughters Dave was 55 years old when he was diagnosed in July 2020 with Pancreatic Cancer which had spread to his liver.

We were told as the cancer had spread an operation to remove the cancer was not an option. However chemotherapy would be available to offer more valuable time.

Dave had no symptoms until a few weeks before diagnosis. Initially we thought it was gall stones. NO!

As you can imagine the news was heartbreaking and equally devastating to break the news to his wife and daughters and the all our family and friends.

You think you have time to process those words and emotions you don't.

From day 1 my beautiful husband's symptoms just grew in strength and took over his day to day living. It was such a difficult and sad 3 months to see a strong, loving, devoted and selfless husband/Dad be consumed by this cruel and unforgiving cancer. It was that cruel and unapologetic Dave was too poorly for any treatment.

This sickness was relentless, the pain grew uncomfortable and he was left with no appetite, no strength or mobility. The impact to us all as a family was traumatic.

Dave was taken away from us October 2020 far too soon, no one is prepared for this part of the journey.

We as Dave's girls would like to help raise valuable awareness and vital funds for more research into Pancreatic Cancer UK with HOPE that families like ours may have a chance of survival, living longer and with all our heart HOPE they are symptom free.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our memory page as if we raise enough awareness this charity may get more funding to help people like Dave and family and friends like us.

With all our love and thanks Dave's girls.

Faye Imogen and Isabelle xxx

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    What an amazing man Dave was, we will never ever forget him xx.

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    Always met us with a smile that will always be remembered . 💞

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    Thinking of you always Dave

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    Remembering your kindness and smiles always Da and hoping to support your girls in raising awareness and funds in your memory XXX

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