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Our dad was our hero. Everything he did he did for us, there was a saying in our family and one we still stand by every house needs a Craig
Before my dad became ill I didn’t know what pancreatic cancer was nor did I know how serious it is. I was full of hope when in reality a cure or the all-clear was never going to be a thing. I learned quickly it’s a devastating form of cancer. It hides for such a long time that by the time it shows any symptoms it’s too let. People die days after initial diagnosis so I was lucky to have my father as long as I did. It may shock you that pancreatic cancer still gets little to no funding. It angers me at how little funding Pancreatic Cancer research gets. We often put pancreatic cancer down to old age but that simply isn’t the case it’s got this way because people just don’t talk about it this is why I have set up this tribute page in honour of my father.

I am eternally grateful that I had a chance to say goodbye to my dad. That. That I to spend the best part of his last year by his side. I got to stand by his side right up until the end. I’m deeply grateful I had him for as long as I did even though it should have been longer I’m still grateful for the time I have. My dad was an amazing man and dad to all of his children.

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