Chris Harrison

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My lovely husband, best Dad in the world, Grandad by the Sea, Biker, Mr Fix-It and family man.
My Man

‘Joined at the hip’ our friends liked teasing -

Never thought life could be so easy,

My knight in black leather

We were always together

We talked and laughed and walked on the shore

Or stayed in the Nags for ‘just one more’

Roaring into my life on his motorbike

He carried me flowers, cooked the meals that I like

And before we knew it our little romance

Took us off on adventures (quite often to France)

Long months, even years passed before we could say

That we’d had our ‘First Row’ – and I liked it that way

Our families all knew it was just meant to be

‘Grandma and Grandad who live by the Sea’

We married at last on a June afternoon

Went to Shropshire, then Italy on honeymoon

More family holidays also were spent

In Anglesey, Yorkshire and Ashbourne in tents

We both worked in Chester, commuting each day

On the bike when fine doing 80 each way

I loved riding pillion

My man in a million

So whatever our memories let’s hold them tight

Of the man who will always be my Mr Right

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  • Edith Cartwright

  • Edith Cartwright

    Thanks Edith for rehoming more bunnies!

  • Ruth Harrison

    For the Christmas Appeal 2021

  • £140.00 Ruth Harrison

    Funds raised from sale of 'bunnies' December 20. With thanks to all who have supported us and found good homes for my little felt friends.