Carol Ann Licorish

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Unassuming. Peace-keeper. Kind. Creative. Funny. Fierce.

Mother. Wife. Grandmother. Friend.
This tribute page is for my mother, Carol Licorish. It is hard to find the right words to capture who she was, no words feel great enough.

She loved her children dearly and was a loving wife, married for over 50 years. She had a smile that could light up a room.

On receiving the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, mum became obviously unwell very quickly. The nurses from Pancreatic Cancer UK were both knowledgeable and compassionate. They clarified terms, gave guidance on how to navigate care and offered emotional support.

It was very difficult caring for mum, their guidance helped me to hold it together when I felt like I was breaking; they directed me when I felt lost in the system.

I would hope that raising some money for the charity would help them to continue helping others make an incredibly difficult time, a little more manageable.

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  • £50.00 Ann and Ester

    Beyond the far horizon, in Heavens pastures green, lie the most beautiful perfumed blossoms that in Earth are never seen.

  • £25.00 Oona

    Thinking of your family and sending love

  • Carlotta Chandler

    Carol was always there to help me through my worst days. I really miss my dear friend, she will forever be in my heart and my family.

  • £25.00 Marion and Mick

    We remember her very fondly. She was full of love and creativity.

  • £20.00 Carol Hunt

    Such a lovely kind soul, I will cherish the memories made over the decades. Sleep tightly Carol, your faith will see you on your journey 🌟