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The best mom, wife, daughter, mother-in-law, friend and soon to be grandmother anyone could every ask for! We miss you every day!
Those who knew Hanna knew she was the kindest, strongest and most selfless woman! Hanna dedicated her entire life to family, friends and community. Being born to two Holocaust surviving parents, Hanna’s personality was defined by compassion, strength, optimism, Jewish faith, empathy and support for people of all backgrounds and identities and above all – her dedication to always putting others first!

Hanna passed away at only 62 but the mark she left behind in this world is immeasurable! Hanna worked as a head radiographer in hospitals before dedicating her entire time to her family, caring for her mother who also fought cancer and volunteering in her community. Every single day Hanna gave 120 percent to those around her making everyone smile through her generosity, positive attitude, love and most of all compassion. If we knew anyone that was able to love unconditionally, it was Hanna!

She will leave behind a huge hole in the lives of everyone she’s touched but her memory will always be a blessing! You are the best mother, wife, daughter, mother-in-law, friend and soon to be grandmother anyone could ever ask for! Thank you for being who you were!

Hanna received Folfirinox, a treatment which many patients are not able to receive, determined to not let the cancer win. Hanna was brave, strong and determined! There was nothing she wanted more than to have more time to spend with those she loved, continue to support her family and meet her first grandchild! However, 2 months after starting her treatment at only 62 years of age, Hanna was rushed to hospital with an aggressive sepsis that at first went unnoticed from which she then passed away surrounded by her family.

Receiving her chemotherapy and giving everything to bravely fight such a cruel aggressive cancer, she was filled with hope which helped happiness flood into every day she had left. Advancing treatment options and outcomes not only helps save lives but also gives hope and happiness to patients until the very end! Even when Hanna received her chemotherapy, she was consistently focused on helping others who were suffering the same tragic and hard fate as hers, making friends and motivating them at every doctor visit. Therefore, being able to help others and making a difference even after her time in this world is up, is exactly what Hanna would have wanted.

Hanna was never offered screening or informed of the risk of pancreatic cancer despite her family’s history of cancer. Nor did the doctors check her for pancreatic cancer even after she developed high blood sugar levels. Pancreatic Cancer UK fights for legislative changes to screening and early diagnostic developments to help change exactly this!

We cannot bring back our mom and wife but what we can do is help ensure that others do not have to lose their parent or spouse to pancreatic cancer!

Thank you for any contributions and support made in Hanna’s name!

This is for you Hanna! We miss you everyday!

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    Baruch Ata Adonai, Eloheinu Melech HaOlam, Dayan HaEmet. Lights always following you my dear - love always X

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    Thinking of your family in these hard times, hope we can help make a difference. Love, Sam & Dex

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    Solange wir leben, werden auch sie leben, denn sie sind nun ein Teil von uns, wenn wir uns an sie erinnern!

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    In honor of a lovely, warm friend.