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We have created this tribute fund in memory of Alex Gilliland who was born in Glasgow. Alex was a son, husband, dad, grandad, great grandad, brother, cousin, uncle and friend. Family was important to Alex and he kept in regular contact with family members. He loved taking photos of family and kept a record of his family tree. He enjoyed keeping busy and could be found in his garden or shed making and repairing things. He loved gardening and enjoyed helping friends and family with any gardening tasks. He enjoyed sea fishing and went whenever he could. When he was younger he was involved with youth work in Glasgow, Sheildhill and Grangemouth. Alex was great fun and would help anyone that needed it although he was known for being crabbit but his bark always worse than his bite. He was known for several catch phrases :cock a leekie soup and happy campers spring to mind. it was a huge shock to everyone when Alex was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in November 2020 although the signs were all there. He had problems swallowing for some time, but it was in Jan 2020 he started to get pains. Covid lockdown meant a delay in investigations and Alex continued to lose weight, go off food, have indigestion and feel lethargic -before he was finally diagnosed. After diagnosis he continued to be as active as possible, gardening, making arrangements and spending time playing cards, doing jigsaws and making things. His photos continued to give pleasure and we all spent time looking at them - in the correct order. He kept his sense of humour and positive attitude until he died on February 27th 2021, 4 months after his diagnosis. Pancreatic cancer is a cruel disease and we would love people to donate in memory of Alex so that hope after diagnosis can be given to other people in the future. We all miss Alex and he would want to continue to help others.

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  • Moira

    We shall meet on that beautiful shore ❤️

  • £35.00 Lindsay Poland

    So many happy memories.

  • £50.00 Fishing Club

    Condolences from all the boys who Alex fished with

  • £20.00 May and Bill

    In memory of a lovely man and neighbour

  • £10.00 Irene

    My best gardening friend, will love you always

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